INHALed Anaesthetics in NeuroTrauma

What is this trial?

We are comparing two different ways of keeping people sedated (asleep) on intensive care after a serious traumatic brain injury

Why are we doing this trial?

There are two ways that someone can be kept sedated while on a life-support machine on intensive care – either by using an intravenous drip, or by inhaling an anaesthetic through a ventilator.  We think that using the inhaled anaesthetic might protect the brain from damage and that it might be better than the drip, but we won’t know until we do a trial to compare them.  We are doing a small trial to see if this is something that we can study.

Getting involved

We want to hear from people who have experience of this condition.  This includes people who have suffered a serious brain injury in the past.  It also includes those who have cared for somebody very close to them who has suffered one.  We want to make sure that this research is acceptable to people, and that it measures the things that really matter.  We want to know if this trial is something which you would have found helpful at the time.


We would like to involve people throughout our research.  We want to hear from people with a range of experiences to find out what they think of this research.  We will also need a smaller number of people who are particularly interested, and who wish to work alongside us while the trial is running. 

Working Alongside

Centre of Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Technologies, Staffordshire University